John Lake Hobbs

When John asked Claudette to co-write the music for his lyrics, he knew exactly what he wanted and Claudette went on to orchestrate, sequence and produced many demos for John including the following song, recorded in 2007 with Claudette herself providing the vocals, from ‘Am I a Buddha’, this is Elements of Diana.
John is a brilliant poet, and another song, the lyrics are about a Mary he knew but they could also be about Magdalene or Mother Mary. Once again the music programmed  by and with Claudette on vocals, this is I Turn To Mary
Another song, one all about our past and our future, from 2011 is Swimming to Atlantis.
John has published many books and to find out more about his journey, poems, writings, songs and illustrations please visit his website John Lake Hobbs.
John is just about to publish his fifth book and second ‘Adventure Poem’ called Dream Buddha, illustrated by Emma Claire Parkinson. He has been a writer/designer and self-publisher for twenty years, both collaborating with others and working alone. One five year project was a psychology/spirituality magazine and John is keen to initiate projects with other like-minded people.