Songwriter, Lyricist, Writer, Photographer and Artist

Claudette Evans seen here with Busby, her Parson Russell Terrier whom she trained, performed with, writing songs and stories about the many adventures they shared or imagined they might have!

From a love of writing stories, drawing, painting and singing and learning my trade via a dance band, rock group, solo entertainer, music producer, sound engineer and songwriter, going into 2020 and Lockdown, I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside a local collaboration between BCBC and Awen Trust called Stronger Together Bridgend¬†assisting with editing audio and making videos pertaining to all things creative. This has now evolved into a monthly Podcast called, strangely enough ‘Claudette’s Pen to Paper’.
Each episode is all about creating something new and exciting, or giving a new angle to a fact or discovering unusual ways to generate absorbing fiction. Each month I’ll explore a different theme, using events or connections that can help influence our writings.
There’s music and readings from a selection of writers and poets, some of whom are members of local writing groups.
More recently, Claudette has returned to her love of song writing, working with local poet Kevin Bryant, adapting his poetry into lyrics, and then writing, arranging, and recording them. To listen to these and others go to Claudette’s songwriting page on Soundcloud.com.